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    Here's What's Revealed In Homebuyers Secrets:

    Don't Want To Be Left Out Of Pocket?

    Did you know 1 in 3 property transactions fall through? Leaving buyers and sellers with a bill of up to £2,000?

    I'll show you the simple way to protect your pocket so there's one less thing to worry about.

    Concerned There's A Problem?

    Is the property what you think it is?

    I'll show you how to make sure everything is ok and you're not buying a money-pit.

    Scared You'll Lose Your Dream Home?

    Worried you'll be left stranded?

    Or your buyer will pull out?

    I'll give you several ways to get moved into your new home faster than anyone will tell you is possible (including your solicitor!).

    Worried It Will All Take Too Long?

    Did you know the average sale and purchase is taking up to 26 WEEKS to complete?

    I'll show you a quick and easy way to get it done in 80% LESS time

    From: Silas J. Lees MRICS

    Chesterfield, Derbyshire 

    My name is Silas J. Lees, and I've been fortunate to work alongside some of the biggest names in the property world, helping people buy, sell, or rent their dream homes. 

    Over the last 25 years, I’ve done everything from being an estate agent, a letting agent, a Chartered Building Surveyor and project manager working on multi-million-pound commercial developments, and even built my own residential property portfolio.

    More importantly, I’ve been responsible for delivering property investment education, training, mentoring, and coaching for some of the UK’s biggest household names, including Martin Roberts from Homes Under The Hammer, Robbie Fowler (the footballer), and Robert Kiyosaki (international best-selling author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad)… and even worked alongside more than one “Secret Millionaire”.

    I say this not to boast, but to tell you I’ve been fortunate to help thousands of people just like you to get started on their property journey – whether that’s getting over the fear of buying their first home or helping them to build their own multi-million-pound property investment portfolio.

    To say that I’ve worked on hundreds of property deals would be a huge understatement…

    And here’s what I’ve realised….

    Despite the fact that a million or more people move home every year, and they’re buying the most expensive asset they’re ever likely to own, there’s precious few resources available from experienced people who’ve gone through every aspect of the buying and selling journey themselves…

    More importantly, anyone who has, isn’t prepared to share their hard-won knowledge and information with others…

    Here’s why…

    Its more profitable for them NOT to share what they know…because not sharing is how they keep competition out of the market and pick up properties at prices that will make you think they wore a balaclava and had more than a banana in the pocket of their overcoat…!

    Yet all that’s about to change!

    Why…? I hear you ask…?

    For several reasons - Firstly, I feel everyone deserves a chance to buy their dream home at an affordable price and I believe that’s possible when you implement the secrets shared in this book.

    Secondly, having put the whole home buying and selling process under the microscope, I’ve been shocked to discover all the roadblocks, barriers and bear-traps that lie in wait for those who simply don’t know any better…

    And why would they?

    Most people move home every 17 years, so it’s not something they’re familiar with, or ever have the opportunity to learn several times over through expensive trial and error.

    They need to be taken by the hand and shown how to buy their dream home whilst protecting themselves from the things that could go wrong. Because mistakes in property are expensive, and no-one wants to suffer the cost of putting an expensive mistake right.

    And buyers need to buy their dream home quickly, because here’s what I know for sure – the longer the sale or purchase goes on for, the higher the likelihood of the deal falling through – something which happens to one-in-three people right now – leaving them paying out £2,000 with nothing to show for it...

    best-selling author reveals...

    Homebuyers Secrets: The Hidden Secrets You Need To Move Home Quickly Without Being Ripped Off, Left Out Of Pocket,
    Or Stressed Out From The Whole Process...

    (they work for sellers too...)

    I'm Your Home Buying Expert...

    Former estate & letting agent, qualified building surveyor, landlord, property investor, speaker, trainer, mentor, coach and CEO of WiggyWam

    • 25+ years hard-won "in-the-trenches" experience in the property industry - I made ALL this mistakes so you don't have to

    • I've used these secrets to buy and sell properties in days and at a 25-40% discount. Even better, I've taught others who have successfully used them to buy their dream home or build their own portfolio

    • I'll show you how to be successful without the stress, anxiety and frustration that stop so many homebuyers dead in their tracks, costing them a small fortune as well as the home of their dreams

    I've helped thousands of people just like you to buy and sell properties and worked alongside some household names to show them how to build their own property portfolio's by buying properties at a deep discount.

    My one and only goal with this book is to show you a new way of buying and selling that will not only protect your pocket, but show you how to get your hands on your new dream home as fast as possible (and even buy it at a discount!)

    Let me tell you – there’s literally no other book like this available. I'd love to help you make your dreams of moving home come true, so here’s what I’m going to do – I’m going to give you a huge discount just for buying a copy of this book.

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    Yes! I Want A Copy At An INSANE Discount

    You pay only £27.00 including postage & packaging (Amazon Price £47!)

    Now, when you consider property investors have spent thousands to access the secret knowledge covered in this book, it would be unfair to charge you the same sort of price, right…? Especially when you just want to buy a home for yourself and your family to live in safely for years to come.

    So, here’s what I decided… 

    Having taken all my 25 years of experience and re-examined the whole process of buying and selling a home, I’ve realised there’s a ton of industry insider-secrets you need to know if you’re going to be successful.

    And putting it all down in an entertaining and easy-to-read book is the best way to get this information into your hands in the most cost-effective way possible.

    But more importantly, this secret information will help you save (tens of) thousands on the purchase of your next home, and get your deal done without losing money, losing the home of your dreams, or ending up lying in hospital with ruptured stomach ulcers because of the stress of it all…

    So... What Are The Hidden Secrets You Need To Know…?

  • (And How Can You Use Them To Bag Yourself Your Dream Home At A Bargain Price Without The Usual Headaches!?!)

  • ✅ If your goal is to successfully find and buy your dream home as quickly as possible - this book will show you how.

  • ✅ If your goal is to find the right team to help make your home buying dream a reality, this book lays out the process step-by-step

  • ✅ And if your goal is to buy your next home at the best possible price, you'll be hard pressed to unearth a better resource that'll help you bring home the bacon!

    Look; let’s cut to the chase – I could have listed 82 reasons why you need to read this book, but I’ve simply shortlisted the 37 crucial things you’re going to learn when you grab your hot-off-the-press copy of Homebuyers Secrets: 

    • How to get your mindset right before you start looking for a new home, so you can protect yourself from an emotional rollercoaster and avoid unnecessary heartache (page 9)

    • Ever heard the saying “A little knowledge can be dangerous?” Here’s why it can be lethal in the property world (page 14)

    • The number one thing you need to protect yourself in your home buying (and selling) journey – without which you leave yourself wide open to financial exploitation – or worse!

    • Discover the most obvious thing standing in the way of your success

    • The one simple thing which undermines so many homebuyers in their search for the perfect home (page 20)

    • Learn how some people in the property world are robbing cash out of your bank account – without using a balaclava or a gun!

    • How to get in the estate agent’s “Hot Box” if you want to stand any chance of bagging the best deals (page 41)

    • Why paying more can help you fast-track your property success – this is not what you think!

    • Focus your house hunting search with the widest audience possible using the unknown secrets of the “Hunting Brief”

    • Uncover real world secrets to getting your deal done fast

    • Discover the “Golden Rule” of property value (page 62)

    • Why some homeowners quickly sell for less (page 64) and the many secret benefits to buying your next home as cheaply as possible.

    • How to quickly build rapport with homeowners and agents to stand the best chance of getting a great deal (page 69)

    • How to make an offer like a property professional and negotiate a red-hot deal (page 80)

    • How to avoid being taken advantage of by the seller or agent’s “Strawman”

    • How to protect yourself from property fraud which could cost you your entire life savings (not to be missed if you’re serious about safely buying your next home!)

    • What really happens at exchange of contracts (page 104)

    • How to buy a house for £1 (most people never learn this!)

    • CAUTION – Why trying to move home on a Friday can become your worst nightmare – And how to avoid as much of the stress in moving home as possible

    • How to use a coveted secret of property investors to get work done on a property BEFORE you buy it (page 108)

    • How to avoid making expensive financial mistakes you’ll end up paying for over the next 25 years.

    • How to avoid “The Risk Of Zero” – this is a truly painful experience if you don’t know how to protect yourself (page 125)

    • WARNING – has the home you’re about to buy been “staged”? – find out on page 128.

    • Learn the surveyors secret “rule of thumb” of property valuation

    • WARNING – was the previous homeowner a “bodger” – leaving potential death-traps lurking for you and your family in the home of your dreams? Discover how to protect yourself (page 137)

    • How a simple "weed" could leave you with expensive repair bills or even stop you from buying the home of your dreams – it’s not what you think! (page 146)

    • Where to look for a new home to avoid the competition and bag yourself a bargain

    • How to recognise the “Auctioneer’s Theatre” and avoid being duped by them taking fake bids off the wall, the light fittings or even from thin air!

    • How to use “The Big Dog Strategy” to dominate the auction room and walk away with the prize lot – even if you’re going up against people with deep pockets and years of experience (page 172)

    • The embarrassing story of “The Surveyor Who Should Have Known Better” – revealed for all to see on National Television (page 175)

    • How the “Make Love Not War” movement of the 1960’s created huge property problems which many homebuyers are oblivious to…

    • How using a “Nutter Line” can be one of the best investments you make in finding your next home

    • Discover the hidden secrets to negotiating a cracking deal and bagging yourself a bargain (page 181)

    • How to use the most coveted secret of professional property investors to negotiate a great deal – even if the home you want is out of your price range

    • The number one secret estate agents don’t want home sellers to know (page 189)

    • The secret of “The Reverse Offer” and how sellers can use this to find a buyer even if no-one is interested in buying (this is going to be handy to know as the economy tightens and the property market moves from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market)

    • How to manage your property deal through to completion using secret technology built specifically for your needs – no matter if you’re a buyer or seller – giving you checklists and milestones so you always know exactly where you are in the deal (page 199)

    Yes! I Want A Copy At An INSANE Discount

    You pay only £27.00 including postage & packaging (Amazon Price £47!)

    What Are Others Already Saying About 'Homebuyers Secrets?'

    ''I bought this book for my daughter and her fiancé who are currently renting and about to embark on buying their first property together. We haven’t gone through this process ourselves in 30 years so couldn’t answer many of their questions and concerns. We have heard some awful stories from friends and family about things that went wrong.

    This book has truly helped us help them. It’s like a handguide as to what happens and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy or sell right now to educate themselves."

    Sally from Gideon Park

    ''I got a copy of this book as I was intrigued about the processes surrounding home buying and selling. This is a real deep dive into this world which fascinates me. The author seems incredibly knowledgeable across the board and covers everything in greater detail, to levels I didn’t expect.

    I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand, learn and best of all find a good deal (even first time buyers who want the best property they can get for the money they have). Much of what he reveals I had certainly never considered. Thank you.''

    Steve from Dorset

    ''We have been looking for a second home on the south coast for some time. Lost out on a couple we totally loved and didn’t understand why. This book has shown us where we have been going wrong, particularly in terms of negotiating.

    It's also got my husband thinking about investing in property for the first time ever as we are making nothing on our savings sat in the bank - something we would never have thought of before so thank you for the inspiration!''

    Gillian from Southbourne

    ''Brilliant book and has stopped me making a really silly mistake!

    I didn’t realise the difference between the different home survey reports in particular when buying an older property.

    Learnt so much!"

    Adrian from Southampton

    ''Really useful book for anyone with questions around selling and then buying a home. Particularly around who does what, more specifically the part each role plays, like the solicitors for example.

    I liked the idea of the online area to communicate when buying and selling, its not something I have heard of till now and think it would take a lot of pressure off people.''

    Keith from Hands

    ''Excellent book!

    Clarified so much for me in terms of both buying our flat and also selling my parents property.

    Thank you Silas the detail in Home Buyers Secrets is incredible. I have passed it on to my son who is about to buy a property in London.''

    David from Milton Keynes

    As You Can See... 'Homebuyers Secrets' Has Already Helped Many Buyers And Sellers...

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    Screenshot from Secrets In Action Video Training Suite:

    After 25 years in the business working alongside thousands of people to make their property-buying dreams come true, I realise people love to learn in different ways. Some love to read, whilst others want to watch videos which walk them through the process, step-by-step. 

    To help you really grasp all the hidden secrets I’m revealing here, I recorded tons of video content to really drive home these learning lessons, giving you a much deeper education than I could have ever hoped to achieve through the book alone… 

    And the best part is – whether you prefer to learn through reading, or watching a video, you get access to both – just for grabbing a copy of this book and receiving FREE access to the Secrets In Action - Video Training Suite as my way of saying THANK YOU for your faith and trust in me.

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    Oh, and in case you're wondering...

    There's Absolutely


    I know there’s some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then strongarm you into some online course or program that charges your card every month.

    This is NOT one of them.

    There's NO hidden "continuity program" or other scam – just a genuine desire to help others buy the home of their dreams.

    And in case you're wondering why I'm really doing this... 

    Well, there’s a few reasons actually...

      I've seen lots of people fail – and they’ve paid a heavy price to learn these lessons the hard way – it’s simply not acceptable for me to sit on my hands and watch others suffer when I’m fortunate to have some knowledge which can help them.

      Because of the recent stamp duty holiday, the property market is in a state of turmoil, and I’d really like to show you how you can avoid all the problems so many others are experiencing, which stop their dreams dead in their tracks.

      Anybody who truly knows me, knows I have a genuine desire to help others, even if I’m not financially rewarded for it. I can’t help it – it’s just the way I am (as conceited as that may sound!). This is one way of me sharing what I know, without you having to pay thousands for me to coach you through the whole process one-on-one.

      Hopefully, if you like what I’m about, you’ll also be inspired to join “The Property Revolution” and help change the way property is bought and sold, FOREVER! I’d love you to be part of that mission, so look forward to welcoming you on board very soon (at NO COST by the way – and more than one way to profit!).

      Assuming you get value from the book and online training, I’ve got some other cool stuff that’ll help you make your house move as plain-sailing as possible. If I can secure your trust through the book and the online training, I hope you’ll let me help you along every step of the way.

      I'd love you to spread the word… look; the housing market needs to change for the better, and with your blessing, I’d love your help in reaching as many people as possible, so they can avoid the pain, heartbreak, and stress so often associated with getting the moving home process wrong. Together, we truly can make Moving Home Great Again!

    Time Is Of The Essence...

    Here's why...

    Exposing these secrets to the public is probably going to upset a whole lot of people (who would prefer you not to know this stuff – mainly because they make their money from people who don’t know any better) - so I've only printed a few thousand copies of the book, and when they're gone...they're gone!  

    If this page is still here, then the offer is still live and available. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

    Here’s My "You're Totally Out Of Your Mind, Silas!" Guarantee

    I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book

    In fact, I’d state my reputation on it – because I’ve held nothing back and put 25 years of knowledge and experience into writing it.

    BUT – if for any reason you don’t like it – I’ll immediately refund your £27 and let you keep the book AND the Video Training Suite – no questions asked.

    That's right. You don't even have to return anything.

    Just email me on the email address shown on your receipt ([email protected]) and I'll refund your money immediately – or at least as soon as the banking system allows the cash to make its way into your bank account!

    Fair enough?

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    As this page goes live, the book is being sent to many media outlets across the UK, so there’s no telling how fast they’ll sell out if the newspapers and television channels pick it up and run a story on it. 

    So make sure you act fast and secure this deal now before its gone forever!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book!

    With Thanks, 

    Silas J. Lees 

    P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

    I'll send you a 225-page book called "Homebuyers Secrets – The Hidden Secrets You Need To Move Home Quickly Without Being Ripped Off, Left Out Of Pocket, Or Stressed Out From The Whole Process (they work for sellers too…)" for just £27 (Amazon price: £47.00).

    Yes, this book – and the incredible unannounced bonus of the Secrets In Action - online video training suite, worth £497.00 is yours FOR JUST £27.00 - (shipping, handling & postage is all included) and I’ll send this book to you as fast as the Post Office allows.

    There's simply no catch... or gimmicks... You will NOT be signed up to any "free trials" to some monthly program that costs you extra cash or anything like that – you get exactly what we’re offering here - £544.00 worth of value for just £27.00 - (shipping, handling & postage is included).

    And if you don't completely love the book - I'll even refund your entire cost of purchase (and you can keep the book and video training suite as a special THANK YOU just for trying it out).

    So, Click the button below to grab your copy now before they’re gone forever.

    You won't regret it.


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